Housecats Amongst Us

My friends, Al and Andi, lived for awhile here in our little town on the prairie, mainly while they were in college, but moved to Chicago several years ago.

We still keep in touch.  They travel as public ambassadors cum fundraisers for Emmaus Ministries.

It’s a nice feeling for me when I get an e-mail from Al when he is sitting in some coffee shop with wireless connection, waiting to get repairs done on the van.
How special is that?  or maybe How bored can he be?

This morning, having received an e-mail obituary for their cat
Sydney (may she Rest in Peace)

I sent Al’s beautiful writing as a forward to a few folks I thought might remember either the humans or the cat.

Yesterday morning, after 12 years of being the soul of our home, Syd went on to hang out with Jesus and St. Francis and hopefully not bite their toes in bed like she often did with ours.
She was the cat who convinced me that cats were alright, and we’re grieving the spaces she occupied in our life.
We feel blessed to have shared such a great length of time with her.

In reply, another friend sent a
YouTube link for Nora, the piano playing cat.

Then, this morning’s paper included LIFE magazine with a cover story about Toygers, which are the size of housecats, but with pretty stripes like a tiger.

I’m telling ya, cute kittycat overload.

I think I’ll go give each of ours a pat on the head.

~~love and Huggs, Diane

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