Movie Night to see The Queen

Our historic theatre in Uptown Normal sold out all seats for this evening’s viewing of The Queen, starring Helen Mirren.

I was towards the back, against the wall and forgot to drink my bottle of water, even after eating some popcorn.  It’s just as well, no way would I have wanted to leave for a potty break.  Nobody else did either.

If you like ‘people to people’ type stories, this movie is for you.  The developing relationship between Queen Elizabeth, the new Prime Minister Tony Blair, and the media is the stuff of psychologists’ dreams.
If you liked Princess Diana and want to see actual film of scenes from the week of her funeral, then you will get your fill. 

I wouldn’t think that Prince Phillip is quite the prig as the actor is directed to be.  James Cromwell must really have wanted to be in bed with Helen Mirren to do so little actual acting.  I’ll forgive him, since he was really fine in Star Trek: First Contact.

I went for its star.  She can convey so much distaste by twitching only a centimeter of her lip or eyebrow.  And the way she walks, in those 1” pumps, is just right for a woman of her age.  Also, the English countryside is easy on the eyes.

The movie has one more evening in our little town, but I hope it goes on for a long time.
It deserves any awards which come its way.

~~love and Huggs, Diane

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