Snapshot Challenge

Mary at Owlhaven led me to a Snapshot Challenge.
We are supposed to pick at least 3 of the categories and list my ‘Snapshot’ of what is happening right this moment.

Reading: _A River Between Us_ by Richard Peck.  Its short and easy chapters (actually aimed for 5th graders) make for great bedtime relaxing.

Music in my head: “Love is all that I can give to you” by Nat King Cole because I was just over at Chookooloonks and saw her Love Thursday picture.  Seems like I get an earworm quite often when visiting there.

Drinking: nothing at this moment, but I sipped down 2 cups of darjeeling tea over lunch awhile ago.

Wishing: I had a paycheck job which I could care about as much as I liked being a stay-at-home mom all those years ago.

Considering: how long the shower can go without feeling a scrub brush on the scum.
A more major thought is how in the world we are going to get that huge chest freezer out of the laundry room since the steps have been re-modeled. We really are wanting the electricity guzzler gaping box to be replaced with a small upright which has shelves.

Feeling:  a bit envious that the guys who live with me in this house have definite other places to be, such as class or job.  Their schedule books fill up rapidly, and the phone rings often. 

Goals: to have a good reason to get out of bed in the morning, and maybe get wages for doing so.  To de-clutter the house some more.  I already carried out some stuffed puppies.

Tomorrow’s To Do List: clean the bathroom, write the much-belated family newsletter with pictures enclosed (ongoing task). Shop for snacks for Sunday School, then go set-up trays on the counter. Write Christmas Thank You notes (how can a month have gone by already?)

Hours gloriously spent in bathtub tonight: I haven’t taken a bath in years. Shower this morning was an extra 3 minutes until the girl cat scratched on the door.

Things Accomplished: dishwasher emptied.  Wrote a rough draft of my resume cover page.

Now You Do It:  Pick at least 3 of the above categories and list your “Snapshot” in the Comments. 

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