We’re Done but Others Still Working

The newbie Tech has a blog!
Webs05 wrote about where we were and what we were doing yesterday.  (It’s a WordPress blog, so I hope it stays a good link)  He mentions where we had dinner at the Rhythm Kitchen Cafe

He has reason to be tired, he worked like a fiend all afternoon—setting up monitors, carrying printers, taping cables out of the way.

He says he doesn’t have a camera with him, so I’ll give ya this link to Decrepit Old Fool at the IMEA last year.  Same hotel.

As my mister and I were coming home, tired as we were, I realized that the folks who stayed there had even more work ahead of them and are going to be super busy for the next several days.

Good Luck to the workers for ISU’s Conference Services, Extended University, and all members who have gathered for the Illinois Music Education Association Conference.

~~love and Huggs, Diane

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