Sweet History—-Must. Let. Go. Now.

For the past little while, I have been going through all the stuff in the study.  Twenty-three years living in this house, what has accumulated is overwhelming.
I keep stopping to get sentimental, especially about items from our sons’ childhoods.
They might not be all that interested in keeping mementos (I looked it up, there is no need for an ‘e’ before the ‘s’ ) but as a mom, I feel duty-bound to hold history in a box.

Something turned up the other day, having fallen between the couch and the cedar chest.  There were cat hairs and mold and a muddy color of something not recognizable on the whiteness of the fabric.
I pre-treated, washed, soaked, then washed again.  Some stains are meant to stay.

This is a sweatshirt with a picture of The Simpsons, in a size to be worn by an 8 year old child.
The picture copyright says 1990.
Homer is saying “Remember, as far as anyone knows, we’re a nice, normal family”.  We thought it was a great shirt because we love the cartoon, and because we live in the Town of Normal.

I sent an e-mail to Lucas (because I seem to remember him being the one who wore this shirt the most) but he says there is no need to keep it.
Now, at least, I have a picture.

Then I came across a box of papers.  Chris says there is no reason to save a Thank You note from 1990, even if the person is no longer living.  Her handwriting can cause my heart to skip a beat, tho.

About halfway down, this picture surfaced.

The green border is a pickle.  The picture is a bear in the woods, and a kid with a pickle in his pocket.  See the green speck?

The paper pickle is the illustration for the story below.

I believe oldest son, Joe was in 4th, maybe 5th? grade when he wrote it.
I made a photocopy and sent it to his Grandad, who took it to his Book Study group.
There, the praise for the story was unanimous.
It agreed with the teacher’s note in the border, which says “I like your story, Joey!”

Reproduced with exact spelling, and punctuation.

How a Pickle Saved My Life on a Camping Trip
It was a morning on an Augest day.  I was the first one up.  I decided I needed a fire.  So I went off for firewood.  I brought a couple pickles in case I got hungry.
I found a pile of sticks.  But when I bent over I hear a growling.  It wasn’t my stomach.  It was a bear!  I ran very, very fast!(Wouldn’t you?)  I tripped on a log.  Soon the bear cornered me!  I thought this was the end!  Then a pickle fell out of my pocket.  I had an idea!  I threw the pickle at the bear’s mouth.
It was a dill pickle.  He went off for water.  After a while I heard mom.  I yelled!  She found me.  She brought me back in a sling.
In a few days I was on crouches.  Ill never forget this!
The End (this is not true)
Joey Wiman

If I keep finding little gems like this, nothing will be moved out to make room for the exercise equipment.  My husband just wants it all gone, time to move on and reclaim the space.
Sigh.  I’ll see what I can do.
~~love and Huggs, Diane


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