Two great hunters

I found this and many others at Go Comics dot com toon in daily.
I’m not going to link it because we’ve been having some really weird spam coming in, getting past the filters and ruining my good sentiments.

This is so true to my life this week.
Talk about ho-hum at the end of summer.

There was a bit of excitement on the back porch earlier today.
I was just stepping out of the shower, drying off, then getting dressed, but could hear two cats and much howling and many thumps and bumps against the wood on the other side of the wall.  By the time I tied my shoelaces, all had settled down.

When I got to the kitchen and looked out the window, girl cat was on the chair, and boy cat was on the bench under the window.  Both snoozing without a care in the world.

I went on about the morning, changing laundry one machine to the other, starting a cd, reading the Internet.

Awhile later, I heard the mail carrier’s truck going down the Court.  I waited until he got ‘round to ours (the dropbox is in the garage), then wandered out to bring in the mail.

As soon as I opened the door, the smell of blood hit me.
And right by the frame was the guts of some small creature, with a little tuft of gray fur beside it.
That’s all I could see, but opened the screen door very carefully.
Mahalia opened one eye, giving me a wary stare.
Oscar did not even twitch.

I stepped over the mess on the mat, allowed the door to close, and assessed other damage.
Blood spattered on the door and wall beside it.  More tufts of what I’d say is rabbit fur.
Drips of blood in a path to the middle of the steps.
No other pieces or parts in sight.

Poor, pitiful little beast.  Two huge hunters fighting over its still warm and bleeding body.
And there they rested, as if nothing had happened.

I turned on the hose and got the porch broom and cleaned up.  The sound of the waterspray woke up Oscar, but he didn’t get down from his perch, and seems to understand that I won’t torture him.
Hally hopped down and went sniffing at a blood splotch I had missed, so I had to turn the nozzle that direction.  She scooted away real fast, and hissed at me.

HISSED at me!

I hope that bunnyrabbit is giving her indigestion.

So yeah, other than the cats, it’s been real quiet here.
May you all be content as well.
~~love and Huggs, Diane

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