Donations: One Box and No Unit

Well, I filled a box with children’s books and before I could change my mind about any of them, I carried it off to the public library.  There will be a used book sale next month.  I’ll try my best to not buy back any of my donations!

I went over to the place where the blood mobile is today, with the aim of giving while I am getting over the side effects and feeling better.
Before I went, I called the Red Cross Blood Services and asked if the prescription meds I am taking would put me off the list for Donors, but the nurse said I should be just fine.

I signed in, read all the booklet pages, waited my turn for the check-in.  Temp, blood pressure.  Then the finger stick.
I told her she would have to put the blood in the centrifuge, it happens every time.
Except this time, spinning didn’t help.
Hematocrit only at 34, and it has to be at least 38 to donate.

I told her the pills are for my thyroid, I didn’t think about the iron.

Ah well, I still got a nice 100% cotton t-shirt, and I asked to make sure my situation is in the computer so that the phone messages and request cards will stop coming for awhile.

On the way home, I got to thinking about eating lately.  I’m not supposed to take any other pills with my thyroid pill, and then I don’t eat for an hour.
In times past, I took my multi-vitamin with iron and calcium first thing in the morning with breakfast, and then got on with my day.
I have been forgetting the vitamin, which means I should put it on my lunch menu, the way my friend Evelyn does.

This works out, in a way.  Now I know that I have to make more adjustments in order to get the iron high enough to donate when our church has its Blood Drive in less than two months.
I usually volunteer at church, but find that working and donating in the same morning does tire me out for the rest of the day.

However, if this is what it takes, I’m glad to know earlier.

Our Parish Nurse will be pleased to know I’m eligible for the Fall Blood Drive.
We want this one to be a high number of units donated!
~~love and Huggs, Diane

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