Maybe I’ll be out of the house

While sitting here waiting for a phone call, I got to thinking about the trip back to the Valley which happened the end of May.  It seems like that was the last situation I was truly excited about, the driving, having youngest son along, telling everybody about my college AA degree.

When we got back, there was a few days of laundry and blogging, and then the challenging Edu Psyche class kept me going awhile.  I earned a B for the class (I was only hoping at least to pass with a C), and my overall GPA is 3.11, which should allow me to apply anywhere to continue education (if and when that might happen).

It seems like the educational momentum is what kept me going for the last year or so.
Next thing I know, I have 7 trips to our clinic in a month, I’m taking a pill every morning whether I want to or not, and walking in neighborhoods where my shadow hasn’t been seen in years, give or take the occassional yard sale perusal.

Then, the other day, a thought came niggling into my head, and I decided that I might volunteer with a work team from church. 
I wasn’t sure exactly what was expected, but I need to get out of the house and back amongst the worker bees again.
Doing good works is a time-honored way of being busy for its own sake.
I’ll worry more about Retirement benefit plans in a couple months.

I sent e-mails, I made a couple phone calls.
This aroused a flurry of activity for the details of exactly who is doing how much of what, when, and where will it happen?

While I am ready to have an outside force as incentive, I don’t really want to be wielding lots of responsibility on short notice.

And so I wait, carrying the cordless phone, and hoping that my willing hands will find a worthwhile place for a day or so.
Some folks are better managers than I want to be.

My life can get back to routine on Sunday.
~~love and Huggs, Diane

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