More Screens Time

In a great cost-cutting measure about a month ago, DOF and I decided that we would cease the delivery of a daily newspaper to the porch.  The PANTAGRAPH has a fine website, and a few stories even allow comments like a regular blog.
We still get the Sunday paper, but it does not carry the television schedule.

Hmmm, what to do?
I don’t like way the TV Guide lays out the programs with the emphasis on cable, and besides, the idea here was to have less paper for the re-cycling bin and less money out of the account.

Doing all those college research papers taught me that access to just about anything can be found on the Internet.  So I looked up TV Listings.  And sho’nuff, up came Zap2It with all kinds of information pertaining to network and cable programs.  A bit of clicking around the site, enter my ZipCode, and voila! a grid with Local Programs on a half-hourly basis all day long.

So, of course, I put a Bookmark on that page.
Now if I might have an evening free, I check the tv schedule online in the morning, then put up a note on our house message board saying I’d like to watch tv at that time.

sidenote:  This is a habit I got into when the tv was also hooked up to a SEGA game system and there were teenagers all over the place.  My notes are not so necessary these days, with only one very busy son/college student left, and a husband who scampers off to the gym a couple evenings a week.

Also in that website are notices about tv shows with Season or Series Finales, plus teasers for upcoming movies.
One preview which caught my interest is A Prairie Home Companion which is a movie based on the radio program, and will be coming out the same weekend as my birthday in June.
How could it be wrong when both Meryl Streep and Lily Tomlin are part of the all-star line-up?
~~love and Huggs, Diane

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