Graduation from HCC

The Heartland Community College Commencement ceremony took place Friday May 19, 2006.
Wanting to catch the evening light, we took a couple pictures in the side yard before walking down the street to the auditorium.

Our girl cat, Mahalia, came over to wish me Good Luck.

Here’s Diane and George

Looks like we made it!

All was ready

The audience gathered

The music called us in

Our class was a very nice mix of citizens of the community.  I recognized a few names on the list.  At least two who graduated from high school with my youngest son, one who had been on a field trip with middle son, and one of the nursing students is two years older than I am!

I had sneaked in my little camera under my robe, and made sure to turn off the flash.
The fella at the end up there on stage, his son was a student in the daycare center when I was a teacher’s aide.  The whole family is fun to be around, very witty.

He is getting an award as Outstanding Adjunct Faculty.

Finally, seeing that my name beginning with a W had me near the end in line, it was our row’s turn to stand up and move along.
This is a peek backstage.
The little sign says Reserved for Graduates Only.

I kept thinking this is the very steps that Donny Osmond walked on when he did a performance here in 2002.

Like I said, the list got long, and I think we last few were hurried along a bit quickly.

My Miracle Man was stationed in the balcony, but his telephoto lens got a couple good shots of me receiving my diploma.

and then the college medallion

I earned an Associate of Arts Degree in Education.

There is a nice picture of me waiting to Exit with my classmates over at Decrepit Old Fool.

Although we had forgotten to make arrangements about where to meet later, I managed to find my guy in the crowd.  He was all ready for the moment, with the camera poised above his shoulder.
I had to make it black and white because the flash caught the glint of my new gold hoop earrings.  They were his graduation gift, along with using his expertise for the pictures.

Even after all these years, seeking out his face gives me a glow.

I heard my name being called, and there was HCC Faculty member Julie.

This is my Children’s Literature Instructor.

Anybody re-entering the land of college classes after 25 years of being away definitely needs to have someone this excellent at the front of the room.  She taught me about the connection for the WebCT, and getting my thoughts in proper order, how to have the assignment ready by deadline, and kept the room discussion going at a brisk pace.
I’ll never again read a book intended for children without remembering the word DIDACTICS.
I’m really glad to have a photo of us together.

Graduation gifts include the nice bookmark mentioned in the last post, and the 10k gold hoop earrings, and a Gift Card to the bookstore, which bought the books The Wright 3 by Blue Balliett and Let Me Hold You Longer by Karen Kingsbury.
And some $money which will pay for all the pictures I insisted on getting printed to create a portable scrapbook, and for sending out to relatives and family in faraway places.

Thank You for all your Good Wishes, especially this week.
~~love and Huggs, Diane



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