That which makes me Stronger

There is a conspiracy this week.  I have to take antibiotics as a prevention before each dentist appointment.  A routine cleaning on Monday found a loose filling with a bit of decay under it, and there had been a cancellation for Wednesday morning at 8am, so did I want to snap up that opportunity?

Tuesday was the Final in Activities for Children class.  There were only 9 fill-in-the-blank this time, but 22 words/23answers on the list for Matching.  There was a leftover by design.  Along with the True/False and Multiple Choice—what a stressful way to use up a lovely Spring evening. 

On Wednesday morning, the pills caused me to gag so much that my eyes watered, then an hour in the chair.  The medicine to numb the jaw around the work area felt like fire going in, and my eye twitched for 10 minutes while the drilling commenced.
The assistant wears alternative gloves, but the place on my lip where the dentist and his regular rubber glove rubbed has a real dry spot of eczema.  I may be developing another allergy.
Next time I’m gonna ask for no rubber gloves on anybody.

I bought some fresh tomatoes to go with tacos.  Past experience tells me consuming is probably a bad idea. Even though I was very careful to cut the pieces small and use a fork to get them over my lips, I have a cold sore at the corner.
Actually, much of the skin of my face is a mess of red and dry blotches and I don’t think hormones are the culprit.
Probably the combination of antibiotics when I’m not really sick, rubber glove, acid quality of tomatoes, anxiety about Finals, and getting ready for a car trip in a couple weeks brings out the virus.

Added stress is No Kissing just when I need it most.

I’m contagious, so you better watch out!
~~love and Huggs, Diane

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