Someone at the door came knocking

Very soon after getting home from breakfast at McDs, I started right in on the pictures from graduation.
There are many in the folder.  I did the choosing for my purpose, the crop and re-sizing, the Enhance Focus, made a couple in shades of grey.  Some of them will be seen here, so stay tuned.

I sent out a request to my Technician about how to write a caption under the picture.
The e-mail Reply will take some deciphering, but by crackies, if I can crochet a pineapple pattern bookmark, I will put words and pictures together so you all can see ‘em!

Some I got prints made at WALGREEN’s, then made my picture pages at KINKO’s for the putting into envelopes for folks who won’t get on the ‘Net and for my carry-around book.

In late afternoon, a truck pulled up in front of the house.  Just a regular ol’ pick-up, no advertising sign on the door or anything.
I asked the guys if anybody is expected, but Shrug.

A lady rang the bell, so DoF and I went to the door together.
She held out a wrapped package and said it is a delivery from the bookstore.

I looked from her to the truck and back again.

Then she explained that she didn’t want the sender to have to pay a Delivery Fee, so she just brought it herself.  It seems she lives two streets over, and our house is on her way home.
Is that Personal Service or what!?!

Husband caught on quicker than I did.  He thanked her as she was leaving the porch.

He turned to me and asked what’s in there?

It is the bookmark mentioned in my last post.
It seems one of my regular readers knows how to get items to move across whole states to bring about wonderful surprises.

Thank You, Mary!  I didn’t realize the Maxine doll would get such a nice topping….
~~love and Huggs, Diane

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