Spilling the Beans

Apparently, the suspense is too much for some folks!

So I asked permission to spill the beans early about who will be receiving the comfort shawl.  She hasn’t gotten it yet, probably not until the end of this month, even as late as Groundhog Day.  It’s what happens when a package must go through Customs.

The Introduction, with the fine title of Blogging at its Best over at What Was I Thinking will get you started.

Later, after you have poured another cup of tea and brought over a dishtowel for the tears (a tissue just ain’t gonna be enough) you all can go over to read Von Krankipantzen and the Archives about her journey of coping with breast cancer.

When I sent Kranki an e-mail about the shawl, she had this to say:

I was really scared in the hospital and thinking about you all sending good vibes to me helped sooo much.  So if you wish to make my identity known as the receiver of the magical shawl I will cherish each and every new comment and email that comes my way.

Thank you, Diane, being so caring and generous to a stranger.  It really means the world to me.

Von Krankipantzen

Remember Folks, the lady is in Recovery and is supposed to be taking it easy awhile.

And I’m quite busy with Math homework and laundry folding and crocheting a baby blanket.
I guess we have to take turns with life circumstances.
Sometime I’ll have to write about my year of 1992.
~~love and Huggs, Diane

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