Ordinary Thursday

My MrDoF is in Peoria working for a couple days and nights.
The cats miss him quite a bit.
I went about my regular routine doing homework and Internet reads and Math class.

In spite of having all the extra room in the queen size bed last night, I didn’t really feel his absence until sunset today when I was having a cuppa tea and reading the newspaper, which I had forgotten to bring inside until then.  That’s the time when his bicycle comes up the walk and his bright yellow helmet goes into the garage.  The evening looked like it might be a long one.

So I crocheted and watched a romantic movie Aspen Extreme about snow and skis and an avalanche.
Being late January on the calendar, you know, wintertime, my choice seemed appropriate.
The unseasonably warm weather on the prairie has everybody in a tizzy about how the crops might be gonna do with Spring planting.

The cats don’t know what to do with themselves.  I guess I am the most boring member of the household, even though I am the one who usually fills the food and water dishes and scoops the litter box.

I suppose I should go to bed now that I’m tired enough.
Writing wears me out, and this is not even an assignment.
It seems the older I am, the words are harder to get.  When I was younger I had an opinion about everything, but now I say live and let live and go your own way.
Can that be age or hormones or just plain ordinary.
I dunno, I have never been at this stage before.
Learning as we go.
~~love and Huggs, Diane

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