Just Us Old Married Folks

Some germs have decided to make themselves at home in my head.  I have a cold.  All parts above my shoulders have begged to be included as in watery eyes, stuffy nose, ringing ears, scratchy throat, plus swelling in the glands of my neck.  I believe the worst of it was from Friday afternoon to Saturday, so I think I should be alright to be doing the work in the church kitchen Sunday morning.  The secret is Tea.  Many many cups of Tea.  With honey. or Tang. or cane sugar.

Husband got home late Friday afternoon and dragged his tired butt to bed for a couple hours of a nap.  After a small supper, he was back in bed and slept until 9:00 Saturday morning.
He showed me some great pictures of the conference, and talked about when the lights went out, leaving him in the dark with five women.  Shouldn’t that truly be a man’s dream come true?
Oh no, everyone’s first concern was the computers and data and back-ups.

We went shopping at SAM’s Club this evening, so both of us must be feeling better.  Usually the place contributes to our twitches and breakdowns.  However, the butter by the pound is nicely priced, and the individually wrapped salmon fillets are fine to have on stand-by in our freezer.  Having just learned last summer to like salmon, my guys are expecting me to try it in so many ways.
I do draw the line at cornmeal breading.

Fully believing that having my hunnies Paul Newman and Tom Hanks in the same movie would get my blood to percolating, I settled in on this rainy evening to watch Road to Perdition on ABC-TV’s Saturday Night at the Movies.
Well, the flick is all about gangsters and the Prohibition era.  Too much noise caused by machine guns, and puddles of blood and tears.  By the end of the film, everybody except the kid is dead, and by then we don’t care too awful much.  Husband happened to be passing through the living room and made some smart remark about how I usually watch ‘feel good’ movies, so what’s with this one?!

If I didn’t have some intricate crochet in my hands, I would not have bothered to have the tv going at all.  Which reminds me, there is something to be said about putting clear vibes into my work.  The thing is not finished, so I’ll have to find something with an extra positive sweetness to balance out its aura.

I believe I’ll take some cough meds and slip between the sheets,
so Nitey night,  my Blog Buddies!
~~love and Huggs, Diane

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