Just Another Thursday

Math homework took 2.5 hours this morning.
Began a baby blanket over lunch hour.  Got beginning chain, Row 1 and half Row 2 done.
Math class left me dizzy.  I’m going to visit the Instructor during office hours tomorrow.
Picked up Husband’s favorite Nine Grain bread at Great Harvest Bread Company.  I love it when I must wait 10 minutes in line.  The smells are wonderful.  All this means the place is doing a booming business!
Decided that yarn color combination was not going to be the best for such a wonderful situation.  I’ll use these colors to give to a charity event.
Chris and I went to WallyWorld to buy yarn in baby pastels.

All Evening:  Sat on my duff and watched my videotape of Return to Me and cried at all the usual parts in spite of this being the dozenth time I’ve seen this movie.
New colors yarn got the chain and 4 rows done.  Quite lovely.
Time for bed now.
~~love and Huggs, Diane

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