Stuff Portrait Friday

Hello, There!
I am going to miss the Stuff Portrait Friday at Kristine’s blog.  Having been out of town for six days and taking pictures of everybody around, driving 10 hours home, catching up the laundry, moving bookcases and throwing out two bags of accumulated Stuff in my study corner, well the weblog keeps moving down on the Priority list.
Not to mention the dishwasher is misbehaving and I had to do them IN THE SINK complete WITH RINSE with my own two partially disabled hands!  Talk about the dark ages.

Meanwhile, my cousin Brenda, who lives in Fairbanks, Alaska sent me a few cool pictures.  I’ll post a nice one, just because you happened to come by and expected to see something.

While we were in Sitka, I bought the two dolls that are in the picture.  They represent an Aleut man and woman.  He is wearing a gut skin parka with a traditional hat and oar.  The woman is dressed in a bird feather dress made from raven feathers.  I hope the colors show up in the pictures.  The feathers have an iridescence that shimmers green and blue when moved in the light.  These are real treasures.

~~love and Huggs, Diane

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