Sweet Delivery

Today I was having a bite to eat and reading the assignment for the Speech Class.
When the phone rang, I assumed it would be for the popular youngest son who still lives here but rarely seems to be here.  He doesn’t have a cell phone, so he gets many written message notes, or numbers blinking on the answering machine.

Anyway, I answered the phone, and for the first time in days, it was for me!  A man’s voice, asking if I would be home in the next ten minutes.  I grew a bit suspicious, alarmed even, but he went on to say that he had a delivery from the Jean’s Flower Basket. 
Are you Sure? I asked.  Yes, I have your address and phone number and my map shows you are not too far away. 

So Oscar and I went out to wait on the front porch.  A lovely summer morning, not real hot yet, but the humidity says it would become a scorcher.

Nine minutes after the call, the big gray van came around the corner.  He pulled up and stopped in front of the house.  Oscar sat steadily beside my chair, most unusual.  I was surprised he didn’t leap past the railing and cower under the bushes.

I had to sign for the vase of flowers.  Yep, they were addressed to me.

Bringing them inside, I sat them on the kitchen table and reached for the card.  Both cats hopped up and began the great sniffsniff around the vase, and shoulder against the ribbon.  I felt bad doing it, but I had to shoo Oscar away because he sure seemed like he might tip them over.

The card said simply Happy Birthday!  Love, Brenda

These are just the nicest flowers!  Exactly what this birthday girl needs.

Thanks, Cousin!

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