Easygoing Day, it was…

As birthdays go, this one was really low-key. 
There was a stack of cards in the paper mailbox to go along with all the comments on this weblog. 
You like me, you really, really do!

The dishwasher repairman was in the house all of ten minutes and then pronounced that he would have to order a replacement part.  Said item would be covered under the warrantee, and it should take 3-4 days to get here.  He doesn’t work Sunday or Monday, so that should work out about right on the schedule when he can put it in.  After a week of doing dishes in the sink, another four days, I should shrug?

We didn’t mention the throbbing veins in my legs, aching shoulders and contact dermatitis of my hands, nor the amount of lotion I am using up.  Aveeno is $7 a tube, I’d rather use it sparingly.

During the afternoon I was with Husband at the neurologist’s office.  We are trying to learn why his balance is still off, all these months after the bicycle accident.  His physical therapy is done, and he does the practice exercises to the extent that his co-workers and the students believe him to be a bit eccentric.  Do you know any other grown man who bounces a pink ball while walking down the hallway between the office and computer lab? 
I thought not. 
Whatever it takes, he’s willing to work with it.

The doctor wrote up some orders for more tests.  An MRI, bloodwork, a consult out of town.  I was a bit amused watching the nurse explain the MRI procedure to my mate.  In another life, DOF was a scientist, the keeper of all natural explanations, and these times are simply to work as a computer tech.

When she said something about the gigantic magnet and no zippers or metal in his pants, I literally bit the inside of my cheek to hold in the guffaw. 
In the car, DoF had a bit of opinion about how she seemed quite earnest while doing her job. There was more, but exact quotes about magnetism are past my mental ability.

I did have a nice hour on the porch with a good-size dish of Breyer’s butter pecan ice cream, and Mahalia waiting patiently to be able to lick the last melty spoonful at the bottom of the bowl.

Between the homework for Intermediate Algebra and doing the dishes in the sink, my hands have protested mightily, and I haven’t been able to get much done with crochet hook and thread.  I have four cross bookmarkers done as graduation presents, but I need Nine! 
More hours in a day also would be nice.  Less reading of websites would give me some time, but I’d get lonesome without you.
~~love and Huggs, Diane

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