The way we were

While I was out of town, going back to the Ohio Valley for my MFHS Alumni Association banquet, my guys re-arranged half the library area.  They put my old desk on the curb, moved two six-shelf bookcases, washed and painted the corner, well, many things towards making the house more livable.
They unearthed several boxes of old papers.  I’m talking since the summer we moved here 22 years ago, no before that, because there’s still stuff from Tennessee in one of them.

I have been days and days of putting papers through the shredder.  Bank statements where the balance was $17.83.  Cancelled checks when the phone bill was $7.08.  A trip to Kroger $33.09 and the budget was feeding a working man, a toddler and a nursing mother.

How did we do this?  It was just something we had to get through, to think of a brighter tomorrow, to just know that we are a family, all in this together.

~~love and Huggs, Diane

Update:  I’m still at it, 2 hours later.  The job has benefits.  Last week, I found a $5 inside an envelope, a $1 stuck between two papers, then another $5 in a bag with a used napkin.  Just now, I came across a $20 tucked into a grocery receipt from 10/19/93.  It pays to be careful.

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