Happy Birthday, Chris!

Today, this last day of March, when the wind is blowing and the clouds are scooting across a blue sky, we are having a real low-key celebration….
The youngest son, Chris, leaves his teen years.  He says it is not such a big deal, he is too busy to party.
On the other hand, I am remembering that he was born at 10:30 in the morning on Palm Sunday.  We had to call the doctor out of church services.

There were 13 student nurses with us in the delivery room—I had signed the proper permission forms because this was my third (and last) baby, and all was going well, and I really didn’t care by that point who was there to watch.  I just needed the doctor down there and my mate holding my hand.

I remember Husband’s beard tickling my neck when he leaned over and said we would have to decide on another boy name.  I said “Another Boy!”  The doctor asked if I wanted him to send it back, because the boy looked big and healthy, and he should be a keeper.
When I got to my room, each and every one of those students came by and said Thank You, and how sweet, and we would be a great family.  The one who was my actual caregiver was pleased as a peacock with her assignment.

There are pictures in the longer part, but I gotta quit typing for awhile.  I want to get going with a hook and thread.

The only picture I can find when I was pregnant with youngest.  This was taken at the neighbor’s house during a Christmas party, so I must have been about five months along. 
My due date wasn’t until Tax Day April 15.

This is Chris on his first birthday.  That green hat was hand-knitted by his Aunt Becky.
He is playing in the tractor tire sandbox for the first time that season.  He loved the sandbox.

When the boys were little, I was very much a homebody and liked to make stuff in my own kitchen which would taste better than what came from the store.  Frozen yoghurt pops, with strawberries and beat up with the mixer were a family favorite.  Nothing better on a mid-summer day.
He was 16 months here.

He lives here in the same house we brought him home to, back on that day in the Spring of 1985.  He will transfer from the community college to Illinois State U this Fall, with a major in music.  His musical specialty, and I do mean special, is the guitar.
There will come a day when entertainment TV teams will be knocking on the door.

Happy Birthday! Cubby Bear….

~~love and Huggs, MOM

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