Tuesday evening TV

This being Tuesday evening, I settled in on the loveseat to watch my shows, even knowing that JUDGING AMY was not on tonight.
NAVY NCIS is fine since I love to be watching Mark Harmon.  Normally, I believe him to be a fine actor.  He was in ST. ELSEWHERE, REASONABLE DOUBTS, and even a couple made-for-TV oddball movies.  He played Ted Bundy convincingly, for crying out loud!
However, his talents are wasted on this show.  He is supposed to be some gruff leader, divorced three times (which we might insinuate that he can’t get along with people), the head of the investigative team, a genius at making connections of the details.

The last few episodes have him acting like a den mother with a bunch of bickering spoiled street urchins.  Not much science left in the show, unless one counts the open carcass resting between a scowling honcho and a scalpel wielding fellow in a lab apron.
Everybody gets to speak a line while leaning over the monitor, which is just at this last minute sending the missing piece of information onscreen.

Moving on to the next channel, there is HOUSE, MD.  Hugh Laurie is the central gruff guy with a willfully kind heart.  The writers are straying away from the original story, and have brought in a money man who judges all the medical personnel by financial needs.  What I don’t understand is why nobody cuts the costs of all the tests each patient gets in every episode.  And having three doctors standing around one patient is most unusual, don’cha think? 
After a couple drugs didn’t work, or they interacted badly, HOUSE nonchalantly barks “Do an MRI.  Find out why the Warfarin had this reaction”. 
My husband was in a bicycle accident last summer, and I can tell you that the medical bills, even with great health insurance coverage, are not to be taken lightly.  Months later, another envelope arrives with a balance at the bottom.  Granted, not always the full amount, but the percentage for what comes out-of-pocket can mean doing without some coveted item for awhile. If the hospital and doctors are the ones doing the tests, just to see, then bring up those discussions first. 
These medical shows haven’t a clue about when to say “Wait and See” or “All Done”

No wait, that’s happening in real life.  Even Congress got in on personal and family decisions.

On the brighter side, I did get a cross marker done.  Seeing that I didn’t have to pay too close attention to the shows, my stitch count stayed accurate, so no ripping out. 

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