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Somewhere deep down in me is a great dislike for the outdoors. 
This was not a discussion of high priority before the wedding, yet it probably should be for anyone thinking they are ready to go through the trouble of making all things legal and tying up finances and vacation budget.  The sanctity of marriage can take a backseat when choosing the kind and place for some R & R.

That being said, I do like to Read about folks who travel.  There was a time when I renewed the subscription for NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC before I bought macaroni and cheese for my sons.  The budget just had to accomodate….as the saying goes,

Bread, and Roses too.  Hearts starve as well as bodies…

This morning, I was reading the online site of the paper in Wheeling, WV.  For awhile in the late 70s, I had a job which took me across the Fort Henry Bridge and through the I70 tunnel.  The paper says the tunnel will be closed within a few months, for as long as a year, for update and maintenance work.

Also is a column written by Scott Shalaway.  There is a reason this guy gets paid to write, because he does it quite well.
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Bird-watching  to read all about it
Spur of the Moment Trip Opens the Door to Natural Wonder

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