Happening Outside?  Spring!!

The best seat in the house is right here.  I am over in the southeast corner, with the window beside my shoulder.  There was a time when Husband’s computer was in this spot, but he gave it to me willingly a few years ago.  Mainly because it is close to the kitchen, and I can run back and forth to stir soup or catch the timer for whatever is in the oven.

There are several tall trees in the yard, this might have to be the year when we have them trimmed again.  We don’t spray or really have a plan for yardwork, just the occassional mowing and pruning. 
The neighbors do much better, and these flowers are actually in ground beyond our property line.

Around back is a pine tree.  The wind blowing through pine branches is a wonderful sound.  Up in this one is a missus cardinal singing her little feathers off.  Really, it don’t look like much, but it is her home and she sure sounds happy.

Today is expected rain, according to the man on the radio.  We need it, there’s been dust lately.
~~love and Huggs, Diane

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