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My Morning so Far

Yesterday at church, there was an oversize zucchini squash left on the table of sharing items in the Fellowship Area.  I was almost the last person to leave, so I decided I’d bring it home, rather than worrying about whether … Continue reading

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The Treats Jar

A few years ago, my sister Denise gave me a birthday gift of a ceramic crock with a picture of the historic Blaine Bridge.  It has a shaped wooden lid, not airtight, but enough to cover the edge. I keep … Continue reading

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Something good to eat, Something nice to wear

The Methodist Church a couple blocks over was having its yearly rummage sale, so of course I had to go. It’s hotter than blazes outside, plus I did not want another tiring episode by having the wrong mode of transportation, … Continue reading

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Pie from a worthy cause

There’s always some kind of worthy cause out there wanting some attention.  Our family has some favorite projects, but I always have a soft spot and usually open my wallet for young folks.  The old saying about old people know … Continue reading

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Uummm, PIE

We Thank You Kindly for the Berry Rhubarb Pie this masterpiece comes to us as a Thank You gift from friend Hazel It tastes even better than it looks… mm good. ~~love and Huggs, Diane

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Big-tailed Thief

This morning I was having my second cup of tea while sitting on the steps of the front porch. The mailman was walking my way, and I realized I didn’t have an oatmeal cranberry cookie to share with him, so … Continue reading

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Recipe for Zucchini Nut Bread

There has come a request for the recipe for my zucchini nut bread.  The original is a page torn from Working Mother magazine, November 1981.  I have tweaked it over the years, and so will write it up the way … Continue reading

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A Week in the Summer

Trailside Market sweet corn Diane shucking corn for supper The way I cook it I have a gas stove Bring a pot of water to a boil.  Shake in some sugar. Add ears of corn, one at a time. Bring … Continue reading

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from the top of the stairs

There was a Retirement Reception for a Dean at the CoB. If you folks thought my 6 miles on the bicycle was reason for cheering, I’m glad you are here for the effort it took for me to climb all … Continue reading

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Cookie gone to the dog

Yesterday, I was in a mood to be baking cookies. Husband and I had attended a lecture Wednesday evening, with a cookie and punch Reception following.  I like the cookies provided by the campus food service, really I do, but … Continue reading

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