Pie from a worthy cause

There’s always some kind of worthy cause out there wanting some attention.  Our family has some favorite projects, but I always have a soft spot and usually open my wallet for young folks.  The old saying about old people know more about being young than young people know about getting old is getting recognized by me on a daily basis.

Saturday, 09 February was a Coffee House and Silent Auction to help the church’s Mennonite Youth Fellowship to raise funds to go on a trip next summer.  I’m not clear as to whether the trip is for missions or conference, but having some fond memories of being on a bus with a whole bunch of friends, I like to give other kids the same treatment.

While at the Registration table, I was asked to sign my name on a list, then was given a card with a number written on it.  This was to be my bidding mark for all the items I wanted own.
This was supposed to bring on the ability to be Anonymous, but as the dollar bids added up and we could see who was hovering near certain items, the idea of being nameless was no longer possible.

I strolled through the area glancing at certain items, studying others.  A pair of binoculars looked interesting, but I don’t know enough about lenses to be able to judge.
I almost called Husband at home, but he’s still under siege from ‘flu germs and mentioned he would go to bed early.

I was on my own for this, on a budget of a week’s allowance.

I wrote my bidding number and the minimum dollar amount on 3 different items, then made my way over to the dessert and drinks area.  Dropping my first $5 into the Donations basket, I knew I might have to give up something in the auction if I were to stay within my limits.
With a piece of apple pie and some good coffee in front of me, I sat down to watch the action.

Every few minutes, I went over to check my items.  The scrubbies were soon out of my willingnesss to spend more on them, leaving me to focus my attention on a mixed fruit pie baked in the kitchen of one fantastic lady, and a bag of cotton yarn whose colors have been discontinued.

The yarn was actually a shrug to me, I have lots of yarn.

Until I saw who else kept upping the bid by a dollar every time I wrote down my own.

Now, it was personal.  Remember, all money was going to a worthy cause.

And the pie.
There were several pies there.  I wanted the one with the filling of rhubarb/strawberry/raspberry.

Longer story short, I came home with the yarn and the pie.
I had to spend $7 over what I had intended to, which means I won’t buy a latte on Wednesday.

This was more fun, in so many ways.

Chris got home about 10 minutes after I did.  I told him there was a pie baked by E B on the counter.  After he hung up his coat, he went and cut a slice for himself.  By then, I was on the couch, crochet hook in hand.

There was quiet for a couple minutes, then he came over and leaned in the doorway to the living room, plate in one hand, fork in the other.

“How much did this cost?” was his question.

“Half my allowance…” I replied.

He took a bite, chewed slowly, then swallowed.

“Worth. Every. Penny” he said.

This morning in church, I told E B what Chris had said.
She was quite pleased that we are enjoying it.

The events of the evening brought in around $4400.
Looks like the MYF will be having a fine time on their trip.

~~love and Huggs, Diane
ps My donation of 3 crocheted bookmarks had a high bid of $10 for all of them, and the potholders went for $6 a pair.  One home-cooked meal for 8 went for a little over $200.
A different pie had a high bid of $21.
What a great evening of fun with some nice people.

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