My Morning so Far

Yesterday at church, there was an oversize zucchini squash left on the table of sharing items in the Fellowship Area.  I was almost the last person to leave, so I decided I’d bring it home, rather than worrying about whether it would make it to the fridge.

When son Chris saw it, he was amazed at how big it is.  When I mentioned that I intend to do some baking, he asked if I would bring some to him at his job around lunch time.

This morning, while chopping nuts using a chopper rather than a knife and cutting board, I got a nice slice into the tip of my middle finger on my left hand.  Same finger that was stuck to test for iron at my blood donation, so now it will be sore awhile longer.
Dang thing took 10 minutes to stop dripping, but finally two band-aids and a glove let me continue.
The gadget is going to the church rummage sale, which is where I got it in the first place.

I cut 3 inches of squash off the length and grated that piece into 2 cups for making zucchini nut bread.
Then I set the grater over on the other counter near the sink.  When I spilled a bit of oil, I reached for the wipecloth.
The grater had been placed on its corner, so when I grabbed, the grater fell over, skinning the knuckles of my right hand.  No bleeding this time, praise be.

Just as I was ready to pour the batter into 2 loaf pans, the mailman knocked on the front door, so I had a bit of a nice morning chat.
Some days he is the only other person I see until Husband comes home.  Chris told us just before he moved out that he was kinda glad to be moving into the center of town, an apartment over the bookstore.  He says our neighborhood is so vehwy vehwy quiet.

Once the pans were ready, I realized I had not pre-heated the oven.

So there they waited while I had to deal with Mahalia.

When the girl cat finds a slug on the sidewalk and makes it into her latest plaything,
what do you think takes the slime off her paws and my fingers?

Softsoap milk & honey for hands? Nope

Dawn dish soap?  Nope

Sunflower oil?  Nope

Fels Naphtha bar laundry soap?  Yes

of course all the others might have broke it down some….

There is 30 minutes left on the timer until the bread comes out of the oven.

I’m just waiting to see if any other small mishaps come along before I deliver some slices on a plate to the music store’s break room.

The rest of the zucchini = = hhmmm.
Maybe some ratatouille, or baked with cheese, battered and fried, or grate and freeze.

Time to pull out the ol’ recipe book.

~~love and Huggs, Diane


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