A Week in the Summer

Trailside Market sweet corn

Diane shucking corn for supper

The way I cook it
I have a gas stove
Bring a pot of water to a boil.  Shake in some sugar.
Add ears of corn, one at a time.
Bring water to a boil again.  No lid on the pot.
Reduce heat to medium low, set timer for 5 minutes.
At the beep, turn off burner.
Let the corn sit there in the water for 5 minutes more.
Remove ears of corn from water to a platter.
Enjoy with salted butter.

Beside shredding old papers, which brought forth my 5th car load to the recycle bins, I have been busy all week.

I held a newborn baby, watched a man get baptized in the Anabaptist tradition, attended the funeral of a long-time neighbor, the wedding of a girl who graduated high school same year as my oldest son, and a Fellowship Meal where I sat at the lunch table with somebody my own age.

All these activities seem all inclusive of what it means to be a person, a member of the community.

Also had some hobby time when I baked zucchini nut bread to take to my husband’s office, banana nut bread for the luncheon, crocheted 2 cross bookmarks, 3 potholders, and put 9 rows on the latest baby blankie.

Hope your summer is doing as well….

~~love and Huggs, Diane

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