an Ordinary? Thursday… not yet

Today is Thursday, which I call my day off from a job. There was a time when I was doing childcare for a Moms Bible Study group in the mornings, but their younguns got old enough for pre-school classes, and they decided to join a different gathering.
Then I signed up for volunteer reading to an early learning class, but no one ever told me where to get a proper background check, so despite my best efforts for communication, that got dropped.
For a few months now, my Thursday mornings are free, so I putter around the house, or maybe do an errand. I’m not really wanting to go out into 3°F weather just to goof around, so here I sit, still in my robe, waiting for the dishwasher to finish a cycle, then I’ll go have a nice shower.

This afternoon is my Needlework Group, and I’m thinking of what I want to work on during my time there. With hook in hand on my crocheted lap robe, I like to have my feet up on the hassock, and besides, it is getting too big to stuff into a tote bag.

I’ve got a split in the pad of my thumb (caused by that dang sanitizer soap at school), which hinders the looping of yarn on the pegs of the loom to knit a hat.

Crocheting a bookmark requires much counting of tiny stitches, so if concentration is broken while I’m chatting with a friend… well, the purpose of Yarn Group is being with a buddy, so bookmark is out.

I’m down to potholder or tote bag. Naw, a tote bag’s craft yarn is rough, and the aforementioned sore thumb would protest some more.

Just talked myself into crocheting a cotton potholder or two. Might even have one started in a bag to help me along.

Oscar the cat is on antibiotics for a kidney infection. He did not eat breakfast, even trying 3 different food brands and/or flavors under his nose. I’ve been pestering him every half hour or so, using a syringe for squirting water or broth into his mouth. We have to keep his fluids high. And we had awhile in the rocking chair with me singing lullabys to him.
Looks to be time I should go look in on him again. He’s curled up on an old pair of Chris’s pants beside the furnace vent in the back room. His go-to place when he’s not feeling so good.

~~love and Huggs, Diane

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