Tiny Little Update

Today is Thursday, which I consider my day off from the TA Sub job. The Child Care at church doesn’t begin for a couple weeks yet, so I am free this morning, then my Needlework Group meets in the afternoon, and the Weight Loss Support Group meets in the evening.
So why I call this a day ‘off’ is murky.

I pulled out a spray cleaner and bucket of water, then wiped down the stove hood. It ain’t greatest, but most of the dirt is gone. And spiders might have second thoughts about building a web above hot burners.

Both cats ate a full breakfast, went outside to potty, a nice drink of water, and are now snoozing in comfy places with sunshine warming their backs. The last couple days have been the most peaceful they’ve had in quite awhile, so I hope they are past germ phase, with further troubles being just old age.

Got the ironing done yesterday, but the board still needs folded and put into the closet. I did use it this morning to hold some stuff I was packing up for an envelope going to the post office.

Looking out the window into the south yard, I see a Boy and a Girl Cardinal, 2 robins, a blue jay, 2 blackbirds, 2 squirrels, and a rabbit. They must know the cats are not currently on guard duty.

Gonna pack my crochet bag to be ready for the meeting this afternoon. On the way there, I’ll stop for a nice frozen latte. I’ve decided to order just a medium. Less expensive by 35¢ and lowers the calorie count for a guilty pleasure.

~~love and Huggs, Diane

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