A Little Wish for a Happy Birthday!

Today is my kid brother David’s birthday.

This picture was taken in Spring 2005, when he was 30 years old. I could barely accept then that he was turnin’ 30, yet today is years beyond that wonderful afternoon.

We were sitting on the deck at our sister Denise’s house. He was so relaxed—I think that was the time he made the trip from Virginia to Ohio without his young sons.

He was born the first week I was in nursing school. I had to take a phone call at the pay phone at the end of the hall in the dorm. After Dad gave me the news, I yelled out “I got a brother!” to which a gal in the closest room stuck her head out the door and said “I’ve got 2, no big deal”
Well, it was for me. There are 3 sisters between his age and mine.

I got to hold him in the back seat of the station wagon on the way home from the hospital. Mom was still sore from delivery.  Those days, car seats not required.

My wedding was when he was in First Grade. He grew up while I was living in another state, raising my own family.

Last week, I sent a card, which he received, then called me on his lunch break to tell me Thank You for the card. Those Free Cell Phone minutes are good for something 🙂

Not sure why I am writing about this here. He doesn’t own a computer, never gets online. Not even sure if he does Texting on his cell phone.

Still, I’m glad he is part of the clan.

Happy Birthday, Caboose Kid!

~~love and Huggs, Diane

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