Busy for the last couple days

The weekend is over. I was busy with little things, so did not get a chance to walk around at the Corn Fest. I did not even do the usual thing, which is to buy a dozen ears to cook at home.

Had to prep and speak a Sunday school lesson for 3 year olds. Sure able to tell which kids are already trained in Pre-School, cuz they raise their hands in response to a question, ask nicely to use the bathroom, willing to wait for a turn.
One boy who is rarely with other caregivers just shouts out, does not sit still during snack. It is possible to teach a child so young some social manners. He still has a year before Kindergarten, so there is time for lessons.

I was amused when I brought out the Crafts project. The assignment was to Draw a Picture about Peace. There were crayons and stickers. I have a shoe box full of stickers here at home. I love stickers. I’m always buying them on Clearance, I order them from catalogs. So I pulled out some pertaining to the subject, a smaller box not even half full.
So the kids did a little drawing and stuck a couple stickers on their papers. I asked if anyone could write his or her own name on the bottom. One girl did very nicely.
A couple just sat there waiting for whatever happens next…. with 15 minutes of class time left. So I mentioned that there were plenty of stickers still on the table, and I could see white spaces and the whole back side of the papers would need some signs of peace.

One girl said “You mean we can have more stickers?”
Like I said, training.  But I answered Yes.

I should have thought to take the camera with me. Back when I was working full time daycare, I had my camera all the time. Which means I am way out of practice with this routine teaching gig. But this is my last SS lesson for a semester.

There were stickers all over the pages. Quite lovely. Themes were decided. Animal sticker requests. Careful consideration of placement. In almost 4 year olds, I was glad to see a nice balance of spontaneity and order.

We did not even get to the game I had brought just in case. Once the sticker limit opened, the craft table was busy. I had to tell an older brother who came to the door that we were not ready to dismiss yet.

This afternoon, a couple teenagers came over as planned to cut back some more of the jungle. Husband went up on the garage roof and sawed off a big branch which was bumping the gutter (and making me crazy when the wind blows) then the boys sawed it into lengths and dragged it to the curb for the trash truck.
There are several piles of brush to be carried away. I’ll go out and do a few touch-ups in the next couple weeks, but we don’t usually cut and trim after Labor Day.

This evening was a trip to WallyWorld. Young Son tagged along. All 3 of us got each and all of the items on our lists, so we were quite pleased when it came time to check out.

I’m tired, physically, socially, and mentally. A good feeling, at the end of getting a whole bunch of stuff done.

SubFinder is saying No Jobs Available for tomorrow. Wonder what morning will bring.

~~love and Huggs, Diane

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