My ‘Learning Curve’ is Immense

in May, I drove to the Ohio River Valley for my nephew’s wedding. Actually, today is their ONE month anniversary already 🙂 and Allison is finally back at her job after getting sick in Mexico on the honeymoon. I told her the old folks call it Montezuma’s Revenge, named after the chief of the conquered natives.

I’ve been dinking around with memory card pictures, and computer drives whose titles use letters of the alphabet, and web albums in a program called PICASA, and a very irritated In-House Tech who explains 6 things before he actually gets to the task I am trying to do, but says I don’t need to use a piece of paper for notes because everything I would need is somewhere on the screen.

pretty much since I returned from the 10 hour drive across the mid-West
taking time out to crochet and do the ironing
both being things I can hold in my hands and have a something DONE when I set it down and walk away

I learned how to put pictures on the blog several years ago. Apparently the way I “know” is very old-fashioned, not as secure if this exact computer crashes, plus a number of other troubles I don’t really care about until they happen.
I just want to be able to put pictures where I tell ‘em to be.

Plus, I have a whole box of print-outs from Walgreen’s, which is the way my aunts will get some, since they have no idea about the wonders of computers.

So anyway, as I was driving across the flatlands, some of the folks I met at the wedding reception were already sending requests to Friend me on Facebook. I picked up a few just as Summer vacation was beginning, so Facebook is quite abuzz with little tidbits of fun.
A couple of my blog readers are also over there, so they don’t miss anything.
However, according to the date, I have not been writing as MrsDOF often enough.

Ah well, I’m here now, for jistaminitt.
and I’ll show you my favorite picture from the time in my hometown

the wedding was on Saturday evening, then Sunday morning several relatives met for Worship Service. Mom wore again the pretty yellow dress (it’s hers and my own favorite color) she wore as Mother-of-the-Bride when Danna had her wedding, and then this time as Grandmother-of-the-Groom. By the way, the groom Danny was the ringbearer for Danna and Joe’s wedding in 1987. So the family and clothing connection is still quite strong.

But what we noticed while we were sitting there all lined up in the pew, was us 3 sisters wearing tan pants and blue shirts. No, we did not discuss beforehand, it’s just how we showed up. I mean, I carried mine 500 miles from Illinois, this was purely coincidence.

After the service, Danna insisted we get a picture. So we cajoled Denise’s husband Don to take my camera (the only one there at the time) and get proof that relatives are a family no matter the distance.

I am able to put it on the blog by doing a copy to folder, which I am told will reduce quality. I don’t want to do the whole album this way, so eventually, I will provide a link to a place to view wedding stuff in full glory. It will most likely take me the whole summer to learn all this, and Summer School is not my idea of fun. I did it for high school and college classes, and don’t like to repeat the experience.
If I really have to be thinking, I’d rather be figuring out a crochet pattern.

So here is my mom Kerma, youngest sister Danna, first middle sister Denise, and me, Diane

It was not taken at the wedding, but it tells a story, and I’m glad I have it 😛

~~love and Huggs, Diane

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