When it’s My Turn to Treat

White Puppy Chow in individual cups

Back when my sons were in grade school, there was a tradition for the birthday kid to bring treats for the class. It did not seem to matter that there was awhile when we were income level low enough to qualify for Reduced Fee Lunch, the classmates really made a big deal about birthday goodies.

I do not remember having to do this when I was young, school was out by the second week of June when my birthday happens.

Some parents would supervise a nice party, but I’m a bit lazy at organizing events for other peoples’ happiness.
I managed to persuade my sons that just passing out a candy bar at the end of the day would be fine.
I would buy a box of regular size candy bars in each son’s favorite flavor.

And it worked! My son got to hand over something, kids got a treat to take home.

Years later, as in college age, I saw a former classmate of my kid at a store. He said he still remembers getting a Full-Size candy bar from a Wiman just for himself, and that he did not have to share with his brother because it came as a special treat from school.

Today is my own birthday, and I wanted to make some Puppy Chow. However, in the pantry was white chocolate bought on Clearance after Christmas. Eh, have an adventure, I told myself. The cooking and measuring would be the same recipe.

It turned out quite tasty.  But there was a huge bowl full, as in—a whole box of cereal goes into the creation.
So I decided to share with my Needlework Group.

And I wrote about it for my Dear Ones e-mail friends.  One gal replied “Just wanted to comment on your decision to do a “my birthday, my treat” thing with your group.  That is very German!!  The birthday person does the treating!  So you are right in German culture/style!”

Well, I didn’t realize tradition went back so far.  I’m thinking of 20 years ago when I was stressed out about providing my sons with something to be okay about.
Not that I would have carried in containers full of Puppy Chow for a whole class—- You do realize how much stirring goes into the preparations? In those days, I was a bit harried doing the mothering thing.

Today, it was nice I packed the stickiness in cups.  Don’t believe a box of plastic wrap when it says it will cling to anything. I had to tie yarn around.  Another gal had brought coffee cake from the Farmer’s Market, which we had during our time together, so most of those cups of Chow went home.

I’m having a Happy Birthday! Cards in the mail, Messages on Facebook, e-Greetings. Don’t really need any other sweetness. Something crunchy is fine.

~~love and Huggs, Diane

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