Girl Cat doing just fine

I’m talking ‘bout my girl cat Mahalia

who had a check-up this morning for doing blood levels lab work

it seems her diabetes has slacked off.  I did not even give insulin this morning, as per instructions

yet the level is at the Low End of Normal
we are going to try to keep her stable with diet, as in several snacks of wet food a day

the doc prefers Rx cans, but she won’t touch it, so I bought her favorite flavors from the store
plus a “New Healthy” type from the same manufacturer with its factory in the USA
We go back in a month for routine care.

~~love and Huggs, Diane
ps I’m making Puppy Chow again… this time for a family home for the summer and the mom says they are starting to get a bit bored already. Showing up with goodies otta cheer ‘em up 🙂

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