More Bookmarks for Gift-giving Fun

After crocheting 8 bookmarks to send for my mother to give as gifts (she loves to tell everybody that her daughter made it, plus, she doesn’t have to go shopping on her widow’s pension) I tackled my own list.

These bookmarks were done this week.
size 10 bedspread cotton thread, size 7 (1.65mm) crochet hook

Actually, the 3 on the far right are for Baptisms, which happened at church a few weeks ago. Favorite color request came back as 2 for Bright Orange, and Turquoise.

Graduates favorite color question provided answers green, blue, hot pink, orange. There were a couple kids I was unable to ask, so they will be getting the bright Fiesta color. I used something from my own bin, no new purchases this time 🙂

Anyway, a friend says I am generous with my talent and time. Thank You!

Actually, things like this are my excuse to avoid housework. The towels have been waiting to be folded for Days, and the bathroom sink has a glob of old toothpaste since Sunday. And we’re paying a kid from church to cut the grass.

Priority …. this is what I do.

Hope your Summer is going well. Ummm, Actually, my friend Mary at Momma’s Corner

fell while doing yard work and has a broken leg.
Her son is providing updates. We hope she’ll soon be home to tell us all about it her own self.

~~love and Huggs, Diane
didja notice I used Actually at least 3 times? maybe been watching too much tv…

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