Oh Look, it’s another baby hat….

knitted on peg loom of BERNAT SofTee 3-ply acrylic yarn

This hat got done last week, and was dropped into the bin at the activity center, and will be taken to the hospital Newborn Nursery.
The hospital grounds are having some parking issues because of extensive growth and construction, so I have decided I don’t want to deliver my stuff on my own, for awhile anyway.

One of the Needlework Group members does volunteer work at the hospital on routine days, so she is real nice about taking stuff in.

I haven’t given the doll a name yet. When I do, I’ll know she has become much more than a model for hats.

I miss working in the baby room of the daycare center.
I love babies, when everything is new and hopeful.  When I’m older and out of my mind wandering the halls of the nursing home, I should be clutching a doll to remind me of the better times of life. For almost 6 years, I earned wages to play with babies.

This latest illness tells me why I shouldn’t miss the little germ habitats. All my family was sick some time or other while I worked there.
Not sure which way these latest germs got passed, but I had TA Sub jobs in 2 elementary schools last week, and now I’m paying a price.

Anyway, I wanted the pretty hat picture to be what comes up first on the blog. Those 3 rows of purl in the middle are something I’m quite proud of.

~~love and Huggs, Diane

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