Day 3 and still in the house

Felt sick enough to make a trip to the Walk-In Medical Clinic last Saturday afternoon. Exam and Test came back positive for Strep germs. So I’ve been home being Sick for 3 days, missing church on Sunday, cancelled an already arranged TA Sub job for Monday (the position did get snapped up), and today of telling the system to leave me alone, I’m still sick and tired.

I sent out an e-mail message to my Dear Ones List, which is a nice way to get back some caring responses.
One gal says she learned she is her own carrier for Strep. This could be likely for me, I had rheumatic fever when I was a kid, so maybe the germs just use my body as a hideout until I think I’m in a good phase, then they jump in to make sure my schedule gets messed up.

My sister Denise tells me she doesn’t ever recall having a case of Strep, so she doesn’t know what I’m going through. She’s had other health troubles, such as a cyst on a tendon of her foot which required surgery and crutches, so I don’t begrudge her much. I don’t wish illness on anyone, and especially not one of my sisters who looks after our mom and her property, allowing me to live the comfortable distance of 2 states away, making the occasional phone call.

Side effects of antibiotics has—Inability for Concentration—on the list. I expected the nausea and other dismays of the digestive system, but my brain isn’t making connections quickly enough. It’s like I stand there an extra several seconds before my hands can do the task.
Cutting the girl cat’s pills in half was quite an event. The skin on all my fingers remains intact, but the effort to get ‘em done properly just wore me down and out.

Reading, yarn, blogging. I’ve tried with mixed success.
Taking naps is top contender for what keeps me occupied.

It ain’t easy being me being sick.
I’ll do my best to not burden anybody else.

~~love and Huggs, Diane

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