Another one of those wonderful days off :)

Today is a School Improvement Day, which means teachers must do some planning time in their buildings, while students, and us support staff have the day free. Cain’t argue with that!

At 8:15 am, I had a fried potato and cuppa tea for breakfast. Tried to have second cuppa and read the newspaper while out sitting on the porch, but the wind is blowing so much that I had to retrieve a page from the bushes!

Stripped the bed, sorted piles of laundry
had a shower, started the washer

then sat at the table and did a bunch of paperwork

Went off to run errands, first thing being putting the envelopes into the blue mailbox along the side of the post office building. Love that new set-up for drive-thru.
It has been open only a few months, but my peace in mind is paid for.

It being a day off, I wanted to go to a craft store. The latest 40% off coupon was melting in my wallet.  I ended up buying a nice cream color 3-ply sport weight, which will nicely match some skeins brought in as a donation to the activity center (and I called dibs on)
Once I get the blankie done, I’ll donate it back.

Then off to the DMV to buy license plate sticker. I had the papers and checkbook in my purse, and want to be sure to have the new one in place when I travel out of state for nephew’s wedding.

Well, the line for stickers was all the way across the room, out the door, and along the side of the building!  The last day of April is more important. Why would people wait until the very last day of the month to take care of being legal !?!  As you can tell, I worry about this kind of thing, since I’m a whole month ahead myself. I did not stick around, I was getting hungry.

As I left, I noticed a couple kids and a man waiting in a van in the parking lot. One waved to me out the window, so I said “Of course I know you!” and asked if they are liking having a day off school as much as I am. One boy said that waiting for Dad was hard. I told him the line was really really long, so I’m going to go another time. The other had a little electronic game to play.

On the way home, I stopped for a nice roast beef sandwich. Did not eat meat the last couple days, so I was kinda craving some.
Just a block from home, I spotted a lime green sign with a written address for a yard sale.  Turned out to be at a house where lives a family whose children went to elementary school with my sons. Standing in the sun chatting for a half hour, while my sandwich waited on the front seat of the car.

Ah well. Finally ate lunch at 2:20pm, feeling fine about it.

Laundry load #4 went into the washer. When it gets done in the dryer, I should be able to get the bed all made up again.

And now almost time for JEOPARDY! I’ve got a shades of green and blue baby hat on the peg loom to work on, too.

~~love and Huggs, Diane

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