Time Has Passed

Sunday evening
and I’m wondering “How did the weekend pass so fast?”

It doesn’t seem as if I kept so very busy
Helping to shovel out from under 3” of snow

Time with Husband, who seems a bit more relaxed somehow, but I cain’t really pinpoint any exact cause.  Maybe because the house is behaving itself, after all the updates we have been dealing with.  Although a new water heater is expected soon.  He says he got some “needed for the job” studying done while I was at church.

a few loads of laundry, feed the cats, swept a corner of the kitchen floor

crochet a couple bookmarks for sympathy cards
and knitted a couple baby hats to carry to the hospital

I left folding towels, and ironing, for later

On Monday, I will attend a memorial service for a really nice lady, a “pillar in our church congregation”.  I was already off the job because of a meeting, which was cancelled so we might attend the funeral. Events have a way of getting sorted out in my little planner book.

Here’s hoping your week begins with your best foot forward.

~~love and Huggs, Diane

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