Quick as a Blink

Tuesday was an Inclement Weather day for the schools, and wowza, was I so glad to be able to stay home!

Ya see, on Sunday evening, whilst I was rolling the trash bin to the curb for pick-up, I slipped on the ice.  It all happened quite fast after that, and my memory is not exact.  I do remember my face and the plastic handle hitting together, my glasses in the air about 10 inches in front of my face.  Then my shoulder and head hit the snow pile at the corner of the driveway. Then the bin overturned across my shoulder and neck.

I shoved the bin across the ice off of me, and lay there hearing my breath, and decided that since I did not feel warm blood running, and my fingers still moved, well, I would be okay.

Since my cheek hurt so much, I turned sideways and put it into the snow for a minute, wondering how long it might be before Husband would worry enough to come looking for me. Then I got up to my knees, found my glasses and hat by the light of the street lamp, put the bin upright and came into the house.  Hot chocolate and Husbandly assurances got my little world alright again.

Monday was a funeral at church, so I helped by running the dishwasher after the lunch.  Lifting racks of hot plates to the counter was probably good for my circulation, but I was quite tired that evening.

By Tuesday, I was aching enough to need more rest. Staying in was so nice.  Got the ironing done, and knitted a couple baby hats, also crocheted a bookmark for a sympathy card.  Lately seems like too many notices have been added to that list.

Today was already booked for a TA Sub job in 7th grade. The office assistant did not ask any questions about my black eye, but when I got to the Special Needs classroom, one of the students chimed right in.  So I explained about trash pick-up and ice and gravity and bent glasses and extra rest on the Snow Day.

The other adults in the room did not say anything, but later when I had to sign the paper for Payroll, the office assistant joked about slipping on the ice as hazardous, so “Word does get Around” even in a big junior high school.

A phone call this evening from my sister-in-law.  She had been in Seattle visiting Mom when the big snowstorm hit the East Coast, so getting back to Washington DC was quite an adventure. Landed in Baltimore airport, then the drive to her house was longer than 3 hours.

And now I have a cat between me and screen, so bedtime snack is necessary.  Having a cat with medical problems means a schedule I never had to worry about before.

You all Take Care, and I’m gonna try to do better.

~~love and Huggs, Diane

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