One Hour of my Day

Today’s TA Sub job meant duty as a Supervisor over Noon hour.  That particular school does not hire anybody extra to help the way some others do.  It just expects the TAs to work awhile away from the classroom. I suppose it saves money for Payroll. On the other hand, the laminating press seems to be in constant use, so there’s a balance.

The notes from the office did not tell me where I would be, so I had to ask the Assistant Principal.  Turned out to be Recess, which I like so much better than Cafeteria.  In the Cafeteria, there’s spills and waste and crazy tattle-tales.

Even though Free Play was indoors in the gym because outside was 16oF, I was just fine with it.

We pulled out some equipment for the kids to play with.  Basketballs and hula hoops. One kid asked for jump ropes, but the lead teacher nixed that request.  Too many people in the space.

However, I began to time a couple of the kids working the hula hoops.  I called out each 10 seconds, one minute ten, one minute 40 and so on.  Next thing I know, a competition of sorts started up. I had to take my watch off my wrist to be able to see it better and longer.  And 9 kids were wiggling like crazy.

During first period, one girl made it to 4 minutes 18 seconds.

After the change, I challenged the next group to try to beat that record.  They had already had lunch, so a bit more subdued.
It became clear that 2 girls would be very good at hula hoops.  They both passed 3 minutes. But then, a basketball rolled into one girl’s ankle and she lost her rhythm.  Kinda sad, but later she told me she was getting tired anyway.

The last girl kept going.  The lead teacher blew the whistle for the line up, but I waved him off, and told her to keep going.

At 4 minutes 30 seconds, all the other students were quiet and watching her.  Teachers came in to collect their class; realized what was happening.  We all waited, but she was now feeling awkward at being the center of attention.

And getting tired.
I called out the time 5 minutes.

Seven seconds later she let the hula hoop drop.

My oh my, such a nice show.  I began a spontaneous applause.
The whole room clapped for her.

She put the hula hoop on the storage hook, then took her place in line with her classmates.

the boy behind her patted her shoulder
the teacher said she should get a drink of water at the fountain

a different girl waved me over and asked if I am going to be at that school again very soon?
she liked having the time for hula hoops

A boy spoke up saying he has a watch with a second hand, so he can do it next time there is Indoor Recess.

Teaching kids how to add some fun while moving.

There are times when I just love the job I do.

~~love and Huggs, Diane

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