A Gift is Coming

After much ahemming and dithering, I decided to place an order at Decor Accents. a Fine Sett Gauge peg loom in the Newborn size should arrive in a month.
I have one already in 6 month Baby size, and I do love working with it, using 3-ply sport weight yarn.  Also love making the hats to take to the hospital, so this smaller size should be a nice addition.

Husband says I have so much fun with my peg looms, so one more in the cabinet is fine.

I’m gonna call it my Valentine gift.
No need for flowers or jewelry for me 🙂

Besides, my TA Sub job today had a little snack time to celebrate a holiday weekend.  I brought home a pink, strawberry flavor, heart shape lollipop, which I sucked on while doing the dishes.  I have decided that a plastic sucker stick is much much better than the roll of paper I remember from my childhood.

~~love and Huggs, Diane

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