Good Game Gift

On Saturday, Husband and I went to two partys (my chosen spelling).

The first, at Noon, was to celebrate college graduation of a neighbor/ friend.  For her, I crocheted a little bag, put in some presidents dollar coins, then put that into a crocheted tote bag in ISU colors.  Both she and her mother were impressed with my creative talent.  Alas, with a story too long to write, I do not have a picture of the gift.
I will say that we had a nice time chatting, we met fiance and grandmothers. The potato salad and Folger’s coffee were simply wunnerful.

At 6pm, we went to a holiday party at the home of his boss and wife, with several of his co-workers also enjoying good company and tasty food, especially spinach and feta phyllo pockets.

We played a game where each of us had brought a gift worth about $10, nicely wrapped so nobody could tell what might be inside.  Each person grabbed a number slip from the basket.  Person #1 chose a package from the pile on the table.  Person #2 could either steal that first gift, or choose another from the pile.  We played along in number order.

Husband had purchased a small thumb piano at Crossroads crafts, very similar to this one, the picture of which I swiped from Google Images.

the guy who got it seemed smitten, it did not get stolen

Geo came home with a cool hour glass timer,
which he has taken to work to rest on his desk

After way too much worrying about what I would carry in for the party

I crocheted a burgundy color bag, filled it with kisses

wrapped it with 2 bookmarks

wrapped them with 2 potholders

then stuffed it all into a holiday colors bag

This item was chosen by game person #6, the lady of the house, who had already received a pair of potholders as a hostess gift.
She oo-ed and aahh-ed over each thing she lifted out, while others were impressed with my creative talent.

Her mate spoke up saying that none of the husbands would try to steal that one.

I was game person #7, and I chose a new package from the table.  It held two goblets, with the labels Mr. Right and Mrs. Always Right.  Which I believe is an accurate description of us as a couple of old married folks.  It’s what I came home with. I’m not sure what fate they hold.

The packages which got “stolen” a couple times were a box of 4 wine glasses, made of a nice glass, and purchased on Clearance to be within the price range.  The other was a “movie night” which had popcorn and pop, sweet treat, maybe a gift card?
It went home with the guy whose wife had filled and wrapped it, then put his name on it.  Much razzing about that.

There was also a box of different flavors of homemade fudge.  Our host ended up with it, and he laid it out on the counter to share with us guests.

By 10 that evening, we were all talked out.

And now I’m all typed out. And the sink is full of dirty dishes which need to be placed into the machine where they will get washed and rinsed and ready to be used again.

Hope your week is off to a good start 🙂

~~love and Huggs, Diane

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