Robbery is Annoying

Some time during last night, my car was the target of entering.  I won’t say breaking, because the driver’s door lock has been malfunctioning since the last time somebody decided to pilfer items from the interior (such as the ash tray which was full of coins and the dealer says the part is $78 to replace).

Ever since then, at random times, if the door does manage to lock properly, I cannot use the key to open it again.  I have to go around to the passenger door, unlock it, then climb in and reach across to unlock the driver’s door from the inside.  It is worst during cold weather, and I am dreading any future ice storms.

So, much of the time, I just leave the driver’s door unlocked, especially in the driveway of our quiet neighborhood.
When I went out this morning to take the trash container to the curb, I noticed the light on for the trunk of my car.  The lid was ajar about 6 inches.  As I got closer, I realized the interior overhead light was also glowing brightly.

Thank Goodness.  If the battery had drained and died I would be much more p*ss*ed off than I was already.
I look through, noticing that my usual junk was not in the usual places.  Missing was the $8 flashlight in the glove box, a pair of son Chris’s sunglasses from that little console between the bucket seats, and a faded red blanket from the trunk.  Strangely enough, almost $2 in coins was still in plain sight in the holder.

When I got back in the house, I mentioned it to Husband, he asked about his car which seems fine, since it was locked properly.  Then I had a bowl of cereal for breakfast and got ready for a TA Sub job in a 4th grade classroom.

After school, I stopped by the police station and said I wanted to file a report, just in case there were other folks getting bothered by somebody who doesn’t know how to leave property alone.  Rather than just handing me a form on a clipboard and saying please fill it in like the clinic does, I had to answer questions back and forth through a little hole in a bullet-proof window around the receptionist’s desk.

Let me tell ya, a flashlight, sunglasses the kid has forgotten about, and a really old faded blanket purchased at a yard sale was not worthy of so much annoyance as me standing there.

The officer says that car burglaries seem to increase with cooler weather.

However, Husband says our neighbor’s car was also riffled through, also with piddly stuff missing.  I’m not sure if a police report was filed by them, but we will have to be alert and careful.  And I’ll have to remember to lock the trunk so that the little lever by the front seat will not be able to open it.

An idiot or two can sure spoil a good life for the rest of us.

~~love and Huggs, Diane

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