Help from a Little Friend

The weather today was great! 68o sunny, light breeze

Got to be the TA Sub in Pre-K classes
Phys Ed outside both morning and afternoon 🙂

Snack time, only one spill of a half carton of milk, straight across the table, not on anybody, so eezy-peezy clean-up.

However, getting my Bus List students to the door, one little guy began to run outside while the bus was still moving into the lane, so I grabbed and pulled back and got a bit in his face with the lecture, so he began to cry.

I mean, the Sub has been a nice teacher all day, then a mean old lady is hollering, so he didn’t take it easily.

Well, Pre-K is the time to learn that nobody gets out of line while the bus is moving, before the arm drops, and the lights flash.  NOBODY lets not one toe over the yellow line until the bus comes to a complete stop.

Here’s a little kid working himself into a good wail, and I’m feeling bad about yelling, but he had done something dangerous and scared me, and I’m not quite sure what to do now.

An after-school mother was waiting nearby, who had seen the whole situation and was just about to walk over to console the kid, when another boy from the class, who had been where he was supposed to be by the wall, stepped over to stand right in front of his friend and said
“Yeah, NO Running (pause for effect) and NO Crying either”

Well, Disobedient Kid pulls up his shoulders, sniffles one last time, wipes his cheeks with the sleeve of his jacket, and goes to his place by the wall.
Other kid gives me a look as if to say “He’s okay, I took care of it” turns to look toward the bus.

The driver motioned for us to come forward, so I matched the Bus # on my list, called the driver’s name but it was different than the ID he showed me, saying the regular guy was off sick the rest of the week,
then I began checking off names of the students one by one up the steps to board

Last on was Little Mister Peacemaker, who announced to the driver “We had a Sub teacher today” as if all the hoopla hadn’t been noticed already.
the driver nodded and said “She’s doing her job real good…”

Doing a good job sure has me all tuckered out.

You All Sleep Well, too….

~~love and Huggs, Diane

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