Long Live the Marketplace

In the last week I have proven myself to be a bit gullible with advertising.

Here’s my story:  I have some really pretty BERNAT yarn bought more than a year ago on Clearance.  The color is not even made any longer, but I have enough in-house supply to work up an nice baby blanket.  The label says to use a size 4.0mm crochet hook.

So one evening, I laid out most of my crochet hooks across the coffee table.  Husband looked over every now and then with a bemused expression.  I sorted them by size, brought in a couple little cases bought at yard sales.  I’m always trying different ways to organize my hobby products.

In the whole bunch, only one turned out to be a 4.0mm, and it is made of a plastic which I do not like much because my hands sweat, so I can only work maybe 3 rows in a sitting.

So, I went looking on the ‘Net for a 4.0mm made of a different material.  I don’t plan to begin the project until I’m done with the Lucas aphgan near the end of Summer, but I did not know how long the search would take.

While clicking here and there, probably bringing in all kinds of cookie spam to infect my computer, I came upon a type of crochet hook with a square handle and metal hook.
It looked interesting, I might like to try it.  Next day, I went to a little yarn shop not too far from here.  The owner has never heard of such a hook, and said she doesn’t think her supplier could provide anything like it.

So I went looking again on the ‘Net.  I hadn’t put the page in my reference, and barely found it in my history.  All the detective shows on television always make the search look so easy…then again, they are not looking for square crochet hooks.
One place had a nice list of all sizes, then little flashing notice which said Temporarily Out of Stock.

Finally, I come across one where the advert said there are ONLY 2 LEFT IN STOCK! in the size I wanted.
So what do I do?  I put one in my cart.  Plus a different size just in case my stitches did not meet gauge.

Those hooks arrived on Wednesday, the day before I got to show ‘em off at Yarn Group.

Next in my brain comes the thought that I would love to knit some straight panels on my long peg loom.  I have had one lesson and a printout of instructions, but went looking for a picture book I had seen at a big box bookstore a few months ago.

Dang, that book is out of print now! but I found a little online shop which has Only 2 Available! so of course, I had to order it at the Clearance price because I never know when I might have a whim of a need to read it and follow a pattern.

Something about the Only___Available catches me.

Ah well, I will use them all some time in the future
to make something pretty…..

~~love and Huggs, Diane

ps last week, a friend was teasing me about the number of
crochet hooks I own, guessing 30? more?

Oh, um, I probably have that many on me… .
I thought a second, then reached for the pouches of hooks in my project bag
one for smaller hooks, one for larger hooks and loom picks

She counted the hooks right that minute in my bag

Forty-One crochet hooks

At home I have at least 20 in one box, and a different pouch holds 24 hooks

In some circles, I might be considered to have an illness   :coolsmirk:

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