One Way We Disagree

The other afternoon, Husband and I got together to clear out the silverware holder.  There are only two of us living here now, yet the utensils overflow and it seemed like we were always sorting through.

Back in the olden days, a newly engaged couple would register their pattern for the flatware, but that could never happen at our house.  We have different expectations when it comes to what we are willing to hold and work with in our hands.
Our utensils are a hodgepodge of wedding gift, inherited, whatever we bought at yard sales, or leftovers from what the sons used in the sandbox or carried off to their apartments.

So, we set out all the butter knives.
He chose some to keep, I chose some to keep.
Likewise with forks, spoons, soup spoons, serving spoons, and even grapefruit spoons.

There were very few we agreed on.  He doesn’t like ‘corners’ on the handles.  I want 4, not 3, rounded tines of the forks.  He doesn’t like the ones that have such a slim handle that it could slip through the hole of the dishwasher basket.  I told him to set those in with the bowl facing down.
We left each of our favorites, and will set them aside while looking for our own, and kept a few to have on hand for visitors.

this is what I carried off to the thrift store
it weighs as much as a bag of flour

Today, the silverware drawer is so much lighter that it almost fell out when I yanked on the handle.

~~love and Huggs, Diane

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