Don’t let rain stop ya

Son Christopher has gone outta town to visit Aunt Stephanie in our nation’s capital, and he borrowed my camera to use on sight-seeing opportunities.

Last evening, Husband sneaked a couple pictures of me using pink yarn for tying together the nature’s color granny squares, but he is on the treadmill so I won’t bother him just now.

All this is leading to why I haven’t been here at the blog in awhile.

My interest, my time, my fun
has been consumed with a most lovely yarn project.

Alas, no pictures of this step in the process, unless Husband sends some.

There was a few days when I had to set it aside and decide a different size and connection.  A gal in my Yarn Group mentioned that there was too much advice dropping by.
During the interim, I peg loom knitted two adult hats, crocheted bookmarks for sympathy cards, crocheted four pairs of potholders.

But last evening, beautiful weather, the shade of the house falling on the picnic table, I used up two hours to set out rows of sewed together squares and got much adjusted and ready for the next phase of crochet.

The queen-size aphgan is so big that I will probably have to lay it out on the couch and leave it there until the last fasten-off.

But when it is done… a Thing of Beauty
a Treasure for Lucas and his bride.

Today is a holiday, and the sound of rain just outside the screen window woke us up.  We decided to ride our bicycles to McDs anyway, breakfast and a nice latte as our goal.

We were alone on the Quad, a bonus of quiet on campus.

My hands got tired holding the grips, so I won’t be working yarn until later.

Meanwhile, I think I’ll begin reading a book
waiting on the shelf since before Spring Break.

Here’s hoping your weekend is going so well   🙂

~~love and Huggs, Diane

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