Roots of Tree, Root Canal

Last evening while we were getting ready for a meeting at church, a friend’s cell phone sounded.  She answered, chuckled a bit, then set her phone on Speaker and placed it on the table.

A mom explained that her child has been doing much practice of a song we sang in last Sunday’s Worship Service.
A little girl’s voice began singing a song about a tree with roots going down to the water, leaves up to the sunshine, etc.  Our whole committee gave loud applause back through the phone.

This morning, I heard the word root in a different context.

as in Root Canal of a tooth on the upper left

I’ve known for quite awhile now that the tooth is sensitive to cold (I missed doing church Nursery duty because of the ache) but I figured the crown put on in December would settle in soon enough.  Last week began a new feeling of pressure, meaning no wish to chew pecans or popcorn.

Routine cleaning and x-rays today, so I mentioned my latest concerns with that tooth.  An extreme close-up x-ray showed us the inflamed (not yet infected) lingual root.
It seems that needs a very delicate procedure to fix, so I got a referral to an endodontist across town.

Soonest appointment is Monday July 20.

Meanwhile, a tooth on the other side has some decay where it meets an ancient (as in before I got married) filling, so an appointment to return next week to my regular dentist should take care of it.

Getting old requires so much maintenance.
Thanks to my working husband for good insurance.

~~love and Huggs, Diane

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